Our commitment

Our commitment goes beyond the simple tanning of leather.
We want to create the perfect balance between our artisanal heritage and responsible innovation. Sustainability is a daily mission at the heart of everything we do: from rigorous selection of the best European leathers the use of vegetable tannins from a variety of trees such as mimosa, chestnut, quebracho and oak. Every step in our production process is guided by respect for the environmental and society.
Our mission is to make quality products contributing to the construction of a more sustainable and fairer future for all, leather after leather.

Our responsible principles

Conceria 800 put these principles at the basis of each production step:


Exclusive purchase of raw leather deriving from the food industry, thus guaranteeing a new life to waste by-products which would otherwise be treated as “special waste”. Our procurement process thus guarantees a circular economy process, helping to reduce environmental impact.


Conceria 800 is a ISO 14001 certified company with constant objectives of reducing energy consumption. 100% of electricity used comes from renewable sources. The company is equipped with automatic dosing systems for the management of chemical products and water, optimizing any waste.


Conceria 800 guarantees careful segregation, manipulation and management of every waste coming from its production cycle, thus encouraging its recycling.
100% of the waste waters are sent to the consortium purifier, equipped with cutting-edge technology for the treatment of water recovery.


Conceria 800 pays particular attention to reducing fuel consumption, in favor of the use of renewable energy sources. In this regard it has equipped itself with electric vehicles, which guarantee less environmental pollution.