Our articles

The tannery focuses the production on shoulders, bulls and side leather, tanned with vegetable extracts and natural fats in order to obtain 100% vegetable tanned and metal free articles.
Sensitivity, expertise and craftmanship are the basis on which our knowledge is based.

We work with dedication the best European raw leathers, in particular half calves and shoulder leathers, respecting the production process rooted over time.
Each item is a unique masterpiece of craftsmanship, thanks to the skill of our master tanners who use hand-antiques and natural milling techniques.

The vegetal tannins coming from trees such as mimosa, chestnut and oak give each item exceptional nuances, which tend to resurface and transform irreproducible over time.
This constant interaction between nature, science and craftsmanship allows us to innovate the ancient with respect, to create products with eternal charm